A massive thank you to all our supporters through the month of June!

Donations made in the final hours of our campaign, have made all the difference! Including sales, we have officially raised $3,500 during the month of June 2014!

Although we can no longer offer a tax-deductible receipt in return for your kindness, we can still accept the kindness of your donation along with the generosity of your contribution to the Fair Futures initiative. Let us know if you have ideas, leads or general enthusiasm to contribute to the mix, by contacting the Fair Futures Coordinator, Kat Ashworth on kat@etwa.org.au

Our Fundraising Goal for 2014 is [olimometer_target id=3]

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[olimometer_progress id=3] Current Donations
[olimometer_remaining id=3] Funds still to raise

* Australian Dollars

Donations will support ETWA to work with communities towards:

1. Building a network of active partners who support ethical business
2. Finding necessary tools to further develop their production environment
3. Home grown resources and access to International markets
4. Developing solutions for increasing access to education and income in
rural communities in Timor-Leste

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