Meet a few of the long term volunteers behind ETWA

Cooperative Tais Kultura Dezenvolvimento Sustantavel, CTKDSCommittee Member | President

Position | Project Coordinator (TL WG)

Volunteering Since | 2004

Deb Salvagno is a founding member of ETWA and currently serves on the Committee of Management in the role of President. She applies her passion for women’s empowerment with her experience in the rag trade and community development to support ETWA’s partners in Timor-Leste.

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Angie web photo2Committee Member | Vice President

Position | Marketing & Media Manager (AU WG)

Volunteering Since | 2011

Angie has a BA Social Science (Sociology/Psychology), a Diploma in Photojournalism and Art Photography and is a graduate of the School for Social Entrepreneurs (2012). As the Founder of Arts in Action and General Manager of the Transitions Film Festival, Angie is passionate about art, social change and the power of social enterprise to create true social and economic sustainability. With over 15 years previous experience working in the disability and employment sectors Angie is keen to share her skills, knowledge and passion in supporting women in Timor-Leste.

KatAshworth-TiaRegina_PortraitCommittee Member | Secretary

Position |Graphic Design,Project & Product Development

Volunteering Since | 2012

Kat Ashworth is a practical, innovative and colourful designer, who believes in holistic design and communication solutions. With over ten years of experience as a Freelance Designer across multiple platforms of design, management and strategy, she brings a valuable contribution to the ETWA Team.

This holistic approach has been an underpinning aspect to her contribution in co-designing the Fo-Ba-Malu brand and project. Focus on this project began in country, between March and June 2012. Since engaging directly with the women of LO’UD Cooperative  Kat has made a full commitment and dedicated a majority of her time to seeing the successful implementation of the foundations of this project.

Committee Member | Treasurer

Volunteering Since | 2015

SharonDavid-Profile-CropPosition | Finance Manager

Volunteering Since | 2006

Sharon has been working and volunteering in the not-for-profit sector for 10 years in areas such as event management, grant writing and acquittals and bookkeeping. She has been involved in various boards and committees including Borderlands and the Koorie Night Market, in which she coordinated over 30 events. She has also conducted bookkeeping and admin training in East Timor for ETWA and for eight years ran her own bookkeeping business for both not-for-profit and private sector clients.
 Sharon has a diploma in frontline management, and is first and foremost a mother of two and a grandmother of one.


 ETWA’s Working Group Structure

At our planning meetings between February and March 2013, ETWA adopted a Working Group (WG) structure which aims to streamline ETWA business.

Committee members and volunteers choose to participate in either of the WG which have a specific focus on work in either Australia or Timor-Leste. The Committee remains responsible for all projects and activities undertaken by each WG and approves particular projects and delegates authority to these WGs to manage these projects.

Committee representatives that sit on either of the WG and are responsible for sharing decisions with the Committee and with members of their WG.