Fo-Ba-Malu project updates:

“The Fo-Ba-Malu Story” | Exhibition & Event

Premiere Australian Preview of  this new Textile & Product Brand. We invite you to join us on Sunday the 10th November to celebrate our collaborative work with hand-weavers in Timor-Leste. The event will showcase a new collection of plant-dyed textiles, hand-woven using traditional techniques by members of the LO’UD Cooperative. We will also share the results of a range of important research and development projects undertaken during the past two years.

Augustine Center, Hawthorn, VIC | 10th til 20th November 2013


Weave Order 1, 2013

First trial of new language and tools

To the left is the Design Template and to the right is a photograph of the finished textiles woven to match the templates specifications. You will notice, there is still a unique quality to each and every textile, however there is a now, a definite similarity between textiles woven to match a template.



The smile says it all: using Skype for training

Training via Skype

Skype-screenshot-5th-Aug-2013The training delivered to the LO’UD team via email and Skype have seen noteworthy improvements in organizational processes and production management and align to LO’UD’s capacity and their learning journey. LO’UD has begun to embed more efficient processes into their management practices and have become more aware of the intricate steps required to administer both their organisation and production processes. LO’UD staff have identified that further in-depth training and ongoing support is required.

The flexible approach and delivery of the training has allowed us to respond to both organizational and production issues as they have emerged and it has also highlighted areas and gaps where the LO’UD team needs immediate assistance.

Fair Futures for women & girls in Timor-Leste

Crowd Funding Campaign on Global Giving

A brief report is available here. This link takes you to the Futures for 250 Women & Girls in Timor-Leste Project Portal on GlobalGiving. Click on the report icon when you arrive, or Contact us to find out more about the Fair Futures Project.

FairFutures-Photoglobalgivinglogo higres

Completion of two year AVI Placement

Deb Salvagno | Economic Development Adviser

Deb Salvagno has been working tirelessly for two years with CTKDS (now known as LO’UD), based in Lospalos, Lautem, Timor-Leste. Her position title as Economic Development Adviser has extended beyond the reaches of this title into an incredible range of accomplishments. Time to pack up and come home, with an abundance of research completed, relationships built, knowledge shared and skills developed.


Engaging youth through innovation

Photoshoot | Fo-Ba-Malu Range

FBM-Photoshot-2012Along with producing fabulous product shots, photo shoot created a new experience for local youth along with an innovative way of documenting the design work of Kat Ashworth.

Photographer | Wayne Tindall, Change the World

Film Footage | Sarah Grace, Change the World

Designer & Stylist | Kat Ashworth

Models | Jardin, Nando, Ona & Lara

Celebrating long term relationships

Exhibition and Event

This joyous event and exhibition came together to celebrate and showcase the cumalitive results from a four month volunteer ‘Artist in Residency’ by Kat Ashworth, with the weavers and staff of CTKDS and program Coordinator, Deb Salvagno. The project was supported by ETWA, the CWA and  AusAid and was in line with key strategic objectives of all organisations. The timing of this event coincided with the last weeks of the two year AVI placement by Deb Salvagno with CTKDS.  A wide range of  local and international official and community guests came to celebrate and participate in the days activities.


Natural Dye Workshops with Grupu Lospalos

Organisation | Alola Foundation

Facilitators | Jose & Lewis












Artist in Residency

Designer | Kat Ashworth

Through our Artist in Residence program, CTKDS is hosting a practised and innovative Australian fashion designer, Kat Ashworth, at our facility in rural Lospalos. Kat is working collaboratively with us to create an inspired collection of well designed textile products for CTKDS and our Australian-based partner/ retailer ETWA. The collection will continue to respect and maintain the customary elements of traditional East Timorese cloth, effectively combining culture and commerce to affect broad community and economic development outcomes.