Light up Timor-Leste Tours 2015

Install solar in a village and have a great holiday

  • Explore a new destination
  • Get to know a community
  • Do something practical and sustainable

Light up ATAURO 13 July-21 July

Light up BAGUIA 25 September – 3 October

Timor Adventures in partnership with the Alternate Technology Association is proud to announce the Light up Timor Tours in July 2015.

These tours will give those interested in community development and sustainable energy in Timor-Leste the opportunity to experience firsthand solar installations, get to know the community that will use them and enjoy an unforgettable travel experience.

Each tour includes a tax deductible donation to ATA to support the work of energy access in Timor-Leste. Choose from one of the following options, or join us for both.

Contact Shirley or Dave if you have any questions

See websites links for more details:

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