Your donation will support us to work with communities towards:

  1. Building a network of active partners who support ethical business
  2. Finding necessary tools to further develop their production environment
  3. Home grown resources and access to International markets
  4. Developing solutions for increasing access to education and income in rural communities in Timor-Leste

These four aspirations are our long-term vision of Fair Futures

They will guide communities in discovering what stands between their current situation and the reality of these aspirations

Working Together_Road_Marcus 2014


Capturing the concept

Our team in Australia have developed these visual presentations in response to community consultation and research results.

They are designed to aid direction and planning along with assist in communicating with existing and potential stakeholders to assure all networks have the same information.

Fair Trade Presentation_May2014_Image


Fairtrade Presentation

Fairtrade Presentation 17th May 2014.pdf

FF Sustain Framework_Image



Sustainability Framework

FF_Sustainability Framework.pdf

FF_Progress Report_Image



Progress Report

Fair Futures Project Report, June 2013.pdf



FF_Campaign_Xiefe&Gab_Marcus 2014
FF_Campaign_Ilda Kat Ameila_Marcus 2014

Campaign_LOUD Group_Marcus 2014


Photo: Header (names) Landscape (road to Maupiten) Column-Top (Ilda da Cruz, Kat Ashworth, Ameila Fernandes) Column-Middle (Anita, Gabrielle Creed, Marcelina Pinto, Juiletta) Column-Bottom (LO’UD members in action) Footer (LO’UD Group photo @ LO’UD Office, Lospalos)

Photography Marcus Salvagno | May 2014


LOUD_Group Photo_small_1