Feast your eyes on this compilation of galleries from throughout our website along with some additional goodies if images are your thing.


We would like to Thank all the talented individuals who have contributed their time and skills to documenting the incredible people, projects and environment which ETWA is involved within.

Contributing Photographers:

David White, Marcus Salvagno, Deb Salvagno, Kat Ashworth, Sally Gray, Sarah Grace, Taryn Lane, Meg Roudaghan, Iona Dierich, Libby Maitland

The Fo-Ba-Malu Project

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Timor-Leste Landscape

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New Product Designs

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Weaving Centre | Fuat

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Building The Weaving Centre in Fuat

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Fuat Building 2

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Volunteer Gallery 2012

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Weavers Profiles

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Health Study 2010

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ETWA Online Shop

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