Develop a deeper passion for Timor-Leste and learn about East Timorese culture and the issues facing women in particular.

Here’s a few ideas on how you can Get Involved:

Through Social Media:

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Through our website:

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Volunteer with ETWA

As a grassroots organisation we rely on our volunteers to make activities and projects a reality.

By volunteering with us you’ll get to meet like-minded people, learn new skills and make a difference. Our work ultimately benefits women and their families in Timor-Leste, whether through selling handcrafts, raising awareness of issues in Timor-Leste, fundraising, organising our Melbourne operations or supporting our partner groups here and in Timor-Leste.

If you would like to work with like-minded community oriented people, we would love to hear from you.

Being a Volunteer means

Working alongside committee members, other volunteers and sometimes independently. The ETWA office is located at the Augustine Centre, Hawthorn and is used for formal meetings. Communications & work is completed from preferred location using cloud & digital solutions.

Feeling Inspired?

How to become a Volunteer



Take a look around our website to gain a deeper perspective of how you could contribute to ETWA activities and projects.

Volunteer Form

Download & complete the ‘Volunteer Application Form’ and email it to Deb Salvagno via

Meet with Us

To assist you identify where you can be of assistance and guide you through some initial information.

Formal Agreement

Between you the Volunteer & ETWA, required for specific positions where deliverables involve a budget.

Another way to get involved is to purchase from our exquisite range of contemporary and traditional textiles.

All our purchases are based on the principles of ethical trade – we’ve done the research so that our customers can feel good about their purchases. And remember, by purchasing hand-weavings, you are helping women to maintain their culture and provide for their families and communities.

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Partner with ETWA

Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial way to support ETWA and your business.

It is an effective form of marketing, helping partners to broaden their reach and seal a competitive advantage. By sponsoring ETWA you can increase your business credibility, image and prestige and attract new customers or send a new message to your target market.

ETWA has a range of options for sponsorship. You can sponsor a project or event or even the development of a product. The creative minds at ETWA will make sure our relationship is mutually beneficial, rewarding and brings something new to the mix.

Your assistance through sponsorship will contribute to building solutions and relationships!

Browse our community of partner organisations & businesses who provide sponsorship for various aspects of ETWA initiates.