Heru Ini Lafu | Weaving Life

An ETWA Production. Released 2010

Director: Marcus Salvagno, Producer: Deb Salvagno

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In the southeast corner of East Timor lies a mountainous and well-forested region known as Iliomar. For women in this community and others on the island, weaving is a vital part of culture, expressing all aspects of life.

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Heru Ini Lafu: Weaving Life journeys into rural East Timor to show a side of life rarely seen on the big screen. The film reveals how women in three remote villages are reclaiming their culture and reducing poverty through their woven arts. Most importantly, this film reveals the beauty of East Timorese tradition and the processes of weaving customary cloth known as Tais.

This intimate film, gives a voice to women whose stories are not often told. Shot on location and supported by rare archival footage and exquisite traditional and contemporary music, the film explores East Timor’s history and the beauty of its culture.